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Ingrid Münch

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Niklas Münch

Niklas Münch

”Food and cooking is something most people love doing together - and we love creating these inspiring and beautiful recipe cards. Our idea
is that sharing recipe cards from TastyCards with your friends and clients not only gets their attention but also gives you a great starting point for the next conversation.”
Ingrid Münch, Co-Founder of TastyCards.

We are a company dedicated to giving you the most exciting recipe postcards you have ever seen – so tasty you can't resist them.

TastyCards started after we had sold and designed recipe cards for two years under the name münchmedia. We wanted to develop the idea further, in an artistic way.


We receive collections of postcards from photographers and food creators and present them on our site. You are able to search in different categories and browse by creator. We love connecting with interesting people who enjoy creating beautiful recipe cards.

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